It is necessary to book
at least 3 days in advance

(Eg: Salesian Oratory in Turin, Milan scout group, elderly group ACME)
WARNING: The booking will be taken only if done with at least three days in advance. For last minute requests, we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to organize ourselves in such a short time.
The three possible routes are described in the dedicated page. If you do not wnat to do a visit, choose “no visit” Some places that are part of the tour are not freely accessible to the public. Even if you choose an unaccompanied visit, we need to add our representative to the group. If you do not choose a path that contains the places you want to visit, you risk that at the time of the visit are closed (For example if you choose the short path is not said that San Domenico is open at the time of the visit, if we choose the medium we have it open).